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"Hope Of The Poor"

Find out more information about the mission trip I'm fundraising for on my GoFundMe page!


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Thank you!

- Sophia



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I don't only want to help those near me, but also across the world!







"Performing For Heavenly Homes" is a movement created to raise money for those in need of a more heavenly home.  It is a made up of a community of artists who use their God-given talents and abilities to provide nutrition, shelter, education, healthcare, security, and love - to people in impoverished or unsafe situations.

Join the movement today by using your gifts to fundraise, or by donating to the current project we're working on.

Also, give us a follow on Facebook to keep up with what we're doing.


Our Current



My friend Juliet Meme runs an orphanage in Uganda that needs your help. There are over 100 orphans in need of a more heavenly home. And I believe as a community of talented and generous people, we can make that happen!

Currently, they are in need of mattresses and malaria nets. Recently a child named Sedic at the orphanage has died due to malaria, and so it's important for us to do something about this before more children die. Our mission is to provide the funds to get these beautiful children off of the floor, and to protect them from a life threatening illness.

Click the donate button below to help us achieve our goal and learn even more about this project, or email me if you'd like to use your talent to raise awareness and money for this orphanage! I'd love to shout you out and add you to this page for your contributions!

Thank you for joining me on my mission to make these orphans feel loved and provided for! Let's bring a little bit of heaven to earth - one home at a time!

God Bless you!

- Sophia

I am proud to be the Project Coordinator for South Dakota for the "Wiping Tears Of African Children Foundation" (WITEOAC) to help spread awareness to orphanages and people in need! If you'd like to learn more about the organization, click the link below!

*All donations go directly to the orphanage we are raising money for.

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Please help me create a more heavenly home for these children in need!  There's nothing more important to me right now than providing for this orphanage, and putting a big smile on all of their adorable faces! They're such great kids. They deserve all of the love and joy in the world!

Thank you!

- Sophia

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