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Thank you to all of my donors so far! You've helped me out so much! I couldn't do what I do without people like you!

For those who have asked, I also accept check and cash if these online options don't work for you! Message me for details! Thanks again my colorful friends!

Thank You :)

Hello my beautiful friends! ❤

The COVID-19 virus has had a massive effect not only on the health of our communities, but also the economic well-being of businesses large and small. Since I’m self employed, I am having a hard time making ends meet since all of my shows are getting cancelled. I do find the safety of everyone around me important, so I am choosing to self quarantine. But with this decision, I also need to be realistic about the financial hardships that come with it. Therefore, I've set up a virtual tip/donation jar where my fans can request songs and give donations for the videos. I deeply appreciate your support, and I understand this has affected many of you as well! I think that even in a time like this, music is capable of bringing joy to people going through difficulties like I am... and I want to be a source of joy for you, if possible. ❤

Also, my recording studio time has been cancelled due to the virus, so I plan on using this time to record my original music from home! If you’d like to support me in general (and this project I’m working on) you could also donate without making a song request. I appreciate you all soooooooo much! I look forward to performing live for you once this pandemic is over! But in the meantime, I hope this can make up for it! Thank you for all of your support! You have no idea how much it means to me!


Give me a follow/like on my social media platforms, and hit me up with some requests! 


Leave a comment and let me know how I'm doing!

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